How to establish cooperation with Lena Largo online wholesaler?

Many of our new clients are wondering how to establish cooperation with our wholesaler. In this blog you will find information about what to do to start using our website, but also how to order women's clothing in our online warehouse. First, let's take care of registration on the wholesaler's website. Click on the provided link and it will take you to the login page. After logging in to our website, we need to check your activity in terms of your business activity. Purchases on our site are only for people involved in activities related to retail clothing, Internet sales of clothes, retail sales of shoes, or retail cosmetics. The website is only a wholesale website. If you do not have an entry in CEIDG and you run a business, please contact us at the phone numbers provided


Sales department:

518 808 296

534 296 826

533 044 201


Assistance in registration and assistance in order fulfillment:

570 051 070

512 526 562


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